It’s about two things:

  • Creating the documentary “D) All the Above” about the need for empathy in the times we’re living in. So many people are angry and scared, so we’re answering with something different. It’s about daring to put yourself into someone else’s shoes.
  • Creating a community of empathy champions around the world.


What IS a docuMOVEMENT?

It’s a documentary that brings the community along with it. This isn’t some film created in a bubble. It’s about being transparent, having company along the way. It’s about BUILDING a family that believes in the power of empathy to change the world.


How has this project come about?

In 2016, director Sarah Michelle Brown started noticing an empathy crisis happening around the world. From politicians, to the media, to friends and family, people were starting to shout, to attack, to ridicule, rather than to listen or to genuinely try to engage in a meaningful conversation.

She watched helplessly as the BIG issues started causing an ever-widening gap in the world.

So she decided to do something about it.


What happens in the film?

“D) All the Above” is Sarah’s answer to a world that seems to be losing its heart. Her journey will lead her to discover where our empathy went in such a short period of time and how we can get it back.

Sarah will embark on a journey to speak with people from ALL walks of life, in ALL corners of the world:

People she doesn’t agree with; people she admires; people who feel powerless; people who feel their power waning; people who feel voiceless; people who are scared; people who give love; people who spread hate.

Sarah will do one of the most controversial things to do these days: LISTEN.

Listen to people with ever-widening political beliefs. Listen to people who have drastically different views on race.

Listen to people who have ideas on how to unite together through empathy, rather than continue to soar apart from apathy.


What stage is the film in?

“D) All the Above” is in the development and RESEARCH stage.


How can YOU get involved?

It’s easy. Take your first step on this empathy journey by watching and sharing this call I had with a former white supremacist. You’ve gotta sign up to watch it, but it’s sooo worth it. #powerful

ALSO, go ahead and bang that drum over on Twitter. We’ve got your Tweet all ready for you. Simply CLICK HERE.

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